Strike Force was founded in 1981 by drummer Pete Paillé, bassist Mario LeBlanc, guitarist Ray Doucet and the singer Stephane Moïse.  Originally called Toys. When Ray and Stephane decided to leave the band for some personnel reason, Pete and Mario when over all around the bars near Montreal, trying to find their missing prospect, a guitar player. Mario had decided at that time, that he will be able to keep hot the singer mic.

Finally, after a while, when they saw a young blond guy, named Romy Belanger, they right away stopped their choice on him. He was not only good on the fret board, but he could also sing. The power trio didn’t last long, because they decide to add keyboard/rhythm guitarist Mike Pitre in early '83 to fill out their sound. The Band played covers in bars and clubs throughout the province of Quebec, travelling in their own school bus.

Mario and Romy started writing together, and "Step over the line" was their very first collaboration. They recorded a demo of that song straight from the mixing board. That demo got them a record deal with Globe Records. they also gave a cassette copy to a guy at the local radio station, and that thing played so often everybody knew the lyrics!

So, they pretty much toured all the time, going from town to town and writing more songs. These songs were recorded and by an exceptional chance, their demo had been given to renowned Quebec producer Ben Kaye, and that he wanted to meet and see the band live. Once they had enough material, they went to Detroit, Michigan to record, in what was once the original Motown Studios. The Sound Suite Studio. The sessions were held in early October of '83. They played their asses off for months on end, but the drummer’s condition wasn’t going well. Pete had been diagnosed with leukemia at 17. Pete passed away a few days before his comeback from pneumonia and complications brought on by the leukemia (Sylvain LaTendresse came aboard during this time).

Then, the replacement drummer became a full-time member. The road is tough, but the scene in '84 was tough on bands. Tensions were building within the band as well. Mario and Mike wanted to play a heavier style of music, and also, they were thinking about hiring a singer. Romy, who didn’t really like the idea, and who just get married, decide that is was time for him, to change his style of living and finally, quit the band a few weeks after.




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