The initial concept of 'Green Dollar Colour' was formulated by guitarist Anthony De Lemos, a Parisian who migrated to Australia in April 2002. He was searching for a singer/songwriter who would compliment his old school style and musical outlook. These qualities were reinforced when he found the young Australian rock singer Lex Koritni in September 2003. Lex's background was steeped in the type of musical history that mirrored Anthony's own passions. He was born into a musical family and was raised, surrounded by some of Australia's rock'n' roll greats; people like Jimmy Barnes and John Swan. After a brief trial period, both parties decided that something exciting and valuable could be created if they merged their talents. This was an easy decision considering their musical influences were almost identical.

The combination of De Lemos' gritty rock riffs which maintain an unrelenting groove, and Lex's chainsaw voice that delivers a cutting lyrical insight, has brought about a sound that isn't entirely devoid of influence, but contains a unique freshness. The music is draconian with searing vocals creating a powerful tapestry of sound that can't be ignored!

Anthony and Lex produced a 'demo' in September 2004, and their talents were recognized when a track was selected for inclusion in the French magazine "Rock Hard" and promoted as 'Demo of the Month'. This inspired them to go ahead and record an album in France.

The self titled, self produced album 'Green Dollar Colour' was completed in February 2005 in Paris. It was then mixed by the renowned Mike Fraser in March at Bruce Fairbairn's Armoury Studios in Vancouver. Fraser's work credentials include engineering and mixing albums for AC/DC, Aerosmith and Van Halen, to mention just a few.

The album was then mastered in April by George Marino at Sterling Sound, New York. Marino's resume includes Metallica, Guns'n'Roses, Velvet Revolver and AC/DC. 'Green Dollar Colour' is, therefore, in expert hands and company.
Now that the recording project has been completed, De Lemos and Koritni are now looking for further opportunities to express their creativity.

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