Blasting from Canada, Arcana Kings’ are a five-piece, arena rock band featuring bagpipes and tasty riffs.


Officially re branding as ‘Arcana Kings’ from their pervious act as The Johnny McCuaig Band, the band is eager to release their debut album Lions As Ravens  in 2019. With a sound that guarantees to make you move ‘Arcana Kings’ are a fantastic blend of Rock, Pop and Punk.

“A gripping, climaxing explosion of ancient and current sound, that rises in your soul, and lifts you off your seat!”  - Trisha Elliot  - Night Life Columnist and owner of Say It Loud Writing Design


The Canadian Football League’s The Saskatchewan Roughriders use the bands single, Here We Go, (Lions As Ravens) as the professional sports team takes to the field at the start of every home game in Mosaic Stadium.  Here We Go is quickly becoming a sports anthem with CFL and NHL teams to fire up athletes and their fans.

The band was also featured in the opening and halftime live music shows for the Western-Semi Finals in 2018 in support of the Roughriders. As ‘The Johnny McCuaig Band’, they have toured overseas in countries such as Japan, Sweden and Mexico, and have secured fans from across the Western United States through tours and annual performances on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

‘The Johnny McCuaig Band’ was nominated for awards such as Best Music Video, Artist of the Year and Best Rock Song for the Kootenay Music Awards, as well as Best Rock Video for Canadian Independent Music Video Awards.

Now, Lions As Ravens, the new album, contains major hits : Here We Go, Friend Of Mine, Mother, Run Runaway or Modern Man…Influences are from AC/DC to Foo Fighters, from Big Country to The Clash and Johhny’s voice sometimes can be assimilated to Midge Ure.

So welcome to  this super fun blend of hard rock, pop, new wave, folk and blues combined with bagpipes! When they’re onstage, they work their butts off to consistently thrill fans with their one-of-a-kind live show that bursts with energy and positive vibes. To truly get the full  Arcana Kings experience, you HAVE to see them live onstage. Bagpipes, a kilt, crunching guitars, a hip-shaking rhythm section, and boundless energy makes for one hell of a show. It’s not Celtic. It’s not Pop. It’s not Alternative. It’s everything. 


ARCANA KINGS is a party and you’re invited!






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