Duet formed in 2005, LA BESTIOLE is a hexapode in two heads of which the duality, enters its feminine and male entity, is only being reversed in the course of the compositions. Whether it is in the brutality or the sensibility, Delphine (singer and drummer), and Olivier ( singer and guitars) plunge with enjoyment in their indefatigable activities. The metamorphoses will have be needed before both walk-ons find their real flight.
Delphine Labey is a comedienne and a musician. Up to the age of twenty years, the domain of the singing was foreign to her. It is to complete the technical luggage that Delphine takes courses of operatic singing. The theater and the cabaret are not any more enough for her.
Olivier Azzano begins to play the guitar in 15 years. He plays in several groups (Microcombo, Alectex) and feeds in parallel a vocation for all which touches the production and the electronics.
As an improbable fable, these two small beasts of burden, go to be presented one day one to another, by their both ex respective! Such a sign of the fate, they are going to get on and to work on a common project: LABAY. The Delphine's first solo album. Olivier composes, Delphine writes texts and sings. This first sketch results in a new horizon. Delphine, whose references name Léo Ferré, Claude Nougaro, Billie Holiday and Tom Waits, discovers Olivier's world where reign the names of Pixies and Sonic Youth and where are lying about the old ghosts of the American Rock. A new entity takes shape in the evening from December 9th till 8:20 pm … THE BESTIOLE. To leave from there, Delphine decides, not only to take care of the singing, but also the drum kit. In perfect self-taught, she quickly progresses. A big more for the scenic play of the duet.
LA BESTIOLE, more ant than cicada, does not rest and start to write new compositions. The movie director Alix Delporte (Angèle and Tony) asks to the group to make a resumption of Days of David Spencer de David McWilliams to include it in the soundtrack of her short film " How we brake in a descent? " In 2006. Although in the end, this cover is not in the movie, it is henceforth a part of the live directory of LA BESTIOLE. No more a small revelation, LA BESTIOLE becomes cicada and occurs in beautiful rooms and opening acts (Asaf Avidan – La Cigale- Joe Bonamassa-Olympia-Paris - Izia-Clarika - Stiff Heads - Miss K - Express Pony). LA BESTIOLE explodes and itches, way White Strippes. Delphine stands behind her drum kit, and Olivier takes the rest of the space, with his sharpened guitars and lunar riffs.
Strong of its first album, " B as " taken out in January, 2009, in the words dark and rich in a feminine sensibility, associated with the rock minimalism, LA BESTIOLE reveals its raw, energetic, sensual and organic universe.
In 2010, LA BESTIOLE occurs in Quebec, is winning of Grand Zebrock, plays the Humanité festival, the Eurockéennes, the Festivals Elles Font du Rock, Francofolies de Spa, and performs the stages of La Maroquinerie, the Bellevilloise and the Zebre in Paris. The duet begins the writing of the second album. Buzy, seduced by the group, offers him two texts. Perfect evolution after LA BESTIOLE had used Stephanie Labbé's talents. This artistic directoR worked permanently to give birth to LA BESTIOLE that she supported against all odds, winter as summer.
Tomber sur toi is the unstoppable single and the eponymic title of this new album. Texts make stronger and speak about meetings. The Rock makes more caustic. The influences are sharply highlighted, witness the devastating resumption of The Ramones, He Talks to Rainbows. LA BESTIOLE became big and possesses a new authority. She does not any more hesitate to send you her destructive and seductive sound attacks. It is to wonder if LA BESTIOLE would not come from the planet Klendathu!



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