Who are HOTCAKES? Well who the f*ck are you and who the f*ck are you to ask!?! Sydney’s HOTCAKES are not a band, they are a lifestyle choice; one that is equal parts rock, roll and a side of cherry flavoured personal lubricant.
With an album jam packed full of ‘all killer no filler’ tracks ready to drop on an unsuspecting world, HOTCAKES are a rock ‘n’ roll beast of a juggernaut waiting to happen. From the innuendo laden ‘Fire and Ice’, written by frontman JJ Rio about making love on a glacier and ‘Easy Come, Easy Go’, a flame-thrower rocker about an old ‘friend’ of JJ's with a body like a sack of wildcats and an IQ to match, to the sensitive and longing ‘If Only These Arms Could Hold You’, HOTCAKES’ soon to be released debut album ‘Excess All Areas’, has something for everyone, particularly 40-something bleach blonde strippers. This album is a loving homage to every cock rock album that came before it. And in a world where the likes of Maroon 5 and Coldplay rule the charts, Hotcakes herald a new era of rock gods that are well overdue and so very, very welcome

No mere studio wizards, a HOTCAKES live show is something to behold. Joining Rio on stage as well as in the studio are his partners in misdemeanours, Rohan Tyler on lead guitar, Clyde McFyre on lead drums and Cliff Boothe on lead bass. HOTCAKES give every ounce of blood, sweat and tears every time they get on stage. A ticket to a HOTCAKES show is an iron-clad contract between band and fan that you will have your world f*cking rocked.
Are HOTCAKES ready to take over the world? If you don’t know the answer, you haven’t heard a note of their music. Def Leppard once posed the question “Do you wanna get rocked?”... HOTCAKES think they were pussies for even asking.




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