Noted as one of Australia’s most exciting up and comers, Melbourne based King Of The North are a two-piece rock powerhouse like no other. The duo delivers a jaw-dropping live show with a sound many regard as a new frontier for the guitar/ drums rock format.
What creates the massive sound KOTN are known for? The “3 from 1 guitar technique” is the cause of this Wall Of Riff! The idea was pioneered by KOTN singer/guitarist Andrew Higgs, (it makes one guitar sound like 2 guitars and a bass) it sets KOTN’s sound apart from any other two-piece and has since earned Higgsy a listing in the 100th issue of Australian Guitar magazine’s “25 future legends of the guitar”. The hard-hitting Danny Leo, regarded by many as one of the top rock drummers in Oz was a Paiste feature artist at 2013’s Ultimate Drummers Weekend.
 The single ‘Wanted’ was the feature soundtrack for the BMW 2 series ad aired on TV, Cinema . The ad has since been Banned by the A.A.S.B (Australian Advertising Standrads Board) for potenially inciting unsafe/ hoon driving.
 Getting to their audience is what KOTN do, they set out on a mammoth 31 date headline tour from March – June in 2014. “The Sound The Underground Australian Tour” was a great success with sold out shows and rave reviews. Four support shows for USA’s Monster Magnet were added in April, taking the run to 35 dates. Monster Magnet’s front man Dave Wyndorf said about KOTN “You guys fucking ROCK!”
KOTN have played on numerous festivals and bills in Australia with an eclectic range of genres. Their hard-hitting, in your face performance and catchy, melodic songs seem to win over fans from across the board and ages. Alternative, Mainstream, Metal, Rock, Blues, Stoner Rock and even Folk Festivals have hosted King Of The North.
This hard working duo have won the hearts and minds of many and in the process got to play with some of their hero’s.
“An incredibly hard act to follow” – John Garcia (Kyuss, Unida)
 “Fuckin’ Great! Massive sound!” – Jimmy Barnes (Cold Chisel)
“They are seriously good!” – Bob Spencer (Skyhooks / The Angels)
The second single and film clip for 'It's Been Too Long' from Sound The Underground was exclusively premiered at a shows on a 12 date national tour in Sept 2014. The Official It's Been Too Long video filmed live at The Espy (Melbourne, Australia) has now been released KOTN will be touring Australia Oct- Dec 2014 featuring 6 shows supporting aussie legends The Mark Of Cain and will tour Europe in the fall 2015






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