TRASH, an old-school hard rock band, was formed in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1982 by guitarist Mike Mocadem (aka Mikael Mujanne) and singer Ron Taylor (real name Tony Hellander). Mocadem and guitarist Gene Ball (Jens Grundelius) were previously members of STONEHENGE (but only Jens appears on the EP). Drummer Rudy 'Runner' Fluch and bassist Pete PJ Jaegerhult complete the band. Drummer Fluch will be replaced after the first album by Pete Jägerhult (ex-ATTACK and TEMPLEROCK) and bassist Jaegerhult by Cay Coda. Inspired by Hanoi Rocks and AC/DC, the quintet made an impressive debut with 1983's underground classic 'Watch Out'. Today, when we think of Swedish metal and hard rock, the images that come to mind are of beautiful Scandinavian melodies and majestic sounds steeped in historical romance. At the time, Heavy Road, Silver Mountain, Torch and Glory were known only to insiders. For those expecting beautiful melodies, the direction taken by Trash is completely different. The sound created by the three core members, singer Tony Roy Taylor and guitarists Mike 'Mojo' Mocadem and Gene Ball, is simply fantastic. They were the only band that spat on life. Taylor's hooky vocals, the eerily calm and heavy rhythm, and the guitar work overlaying them have been slightly honed and refined, although the vocal harmonies have retained their superficial beauty. Thrash's debut album was produced by Börje 'The Boss' Forsberg (the man behind Black Mark Records). Although the drummer and bassist were different from those on "Watch Out", they packed a dark, wet heavy rock of immorality and decadence into "Burnin' Rock", which was released a few years later on Atlantic Records.   Renowned producer Max Norman (Ozzy Osbourne, Bad Company, Savatage, Loudness...) was in charge of the album's worldwide release. Although it led to a US tour supporting Bon Jovi and Keel, and introduced a new rhythm section consisting of Muppet-named bassist Cay Coda (aka Kaj 'Coda' Söderström) and drummer Henrik 'Hempo Bobo' Hilden, 'Burnin' Rock' ultimately failed to live up to the expectations of the bigwigs who were now investing in the band. Trash even began sessions for their third album (which was to have been produced in New York by Eddie Kramer) before suddenly breaking up, but its members continued to enjoy success with a number of Swedish bands in the years that followed.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Burnin Rock" follows the pattern of the first album with its AC/DC and Whitesnake influences. Almost all the songs feature the hard rock guitar riffs that AC/DC are known for. Trash adds his own melodies and superb backing vocals.