lack Sheep ‘s ‘Trouble In The Streets’ album was recorded with the aid of guitarists Paul Gilbert and George Lynch. Whilst the former would become known to Rock fans with Racer X and then Mr Big, the latter was already something of an established name with Dokken. Black Sheep would appear to have been something of a breeding ground for budding superstars, Guns‘N’Roses Slash playing with the group at one time, as did Kurt James of Dr. Mastermind. Black Sheep’s undisputed leader, Willie Basse had originally been with Ozz in 1979 alongside Gregg Parker and he worked with another black guitarist, ex-Soundbarrier man Spacey T, in Spacey T’s Liberty during 1986. In 1989 Black Sheep was still a going concern, this time comprising vocalist/bassist Basse, guitarists Mark Harden and former Whyte Lace man Walt Anthony and drummer Mark Altieri. This line-up recorded a three track-demo. Willie Basse passed away on October 29, 2018 of complications from cancer. He was 62.



“Black Sheep is not only an excellent heavy metal band, but a distinctive one as well, injecting originality into an overworked genre. Willie Basse’s songwriting sets the band head and shoulders above the crowds of bands currently playing the club scene- thundering, rip-the-floorboards-loose heavy metal, with some great melodic hooks worked into the songs. Black Sheep is not just another heavy metal band. Their refreshing approach, combined with their exceptional musicianship and material, makes them one of the best HM bands currently on the scene”

Melinda Lewis, Music Connection (Los Angeles)

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