Destroy She Said, the hard rock band from Melbourne, Australia are a grinding, incessant machine fuelled by a heady diet of classic Aussie rock and filtered through a range of influences including Black Sabbath, QOTSA, AC/DC and Rose Tattoo.

Their debut album Down to Dirty rolls right up to the listener, ready to pick a fight and buy you a beer after it’s over.
It’s all swagger and dirty boogie: guitar-driven, dangerous, street-smart music that’s tough, brutal and honest.

The five members of the band, singer Simon McCullough, guitarists Youngy and Dave Walker, bass player Scampers and drummer Greg Aldridge all came together towards the end of 2009. From the first rehearsal there was a feeling that they were building something special.

From that moment, the band put into place the work ethic that continues to drive them into 2013.

It’s a tried and true formula – work hard in rehearsal, make great records and build a fanbase on the back of killer live shows. According to the band, the reason it’s tried and true is because it still remains the best way to become a great rock band.

And if you listen to the critics, Destroy She Said’s Down to Dirty has thrust them, if not into the echelon of greatness, then definitely within its city limits.

Melbourne’s Hard Rock Show, broadcast weekly on Channel 31 described the album as “…one of the loudest, most balls out rock releases of the last decade.” They reckon that “Down to Dirty is a modern pub rock masterpiece.”

So what is it that makes it so good?

A lot of listeners, when first hearing singer Simon McCullough immediately draw comparisons to Bon-era AC/DC. But there’s a lot more going on than that.

There’s a stoner rock thing going on for sure. There’s a classic Gibson/Marshall guitar tone over the top of a rhythm section that speaks of thousands of sweaty beer soaked gigs.

There’s a rock groove that sucks so much air it’s nearly falls back in on itself. And there’s an irreverent, tongue in cheek side to the song writing that is quintessentially Australian.

West Australian magazine 100% Rock said: “What puts Down To Dirty ahead of the pack is the sheer originality of the band. Yeah there’s an Aussie pub rock sound going on at its core – but what you can hear is all Destroy She Said; a unique blend of different influences and tastes made by five guys melding into something greater than the sum of their parts.”

2013 is all about consolidation and growth for Destroy She Said – following the tried and true formula – work hard, make great records and build the fan base.

Is it working? The answer’s gotta be yes, because with each passing day, this band of brothers from Melbourne’s inner suburbs wins over new fans, who, just like the ones before them, are loyal, passionate and right into the band.

And it seems like they all ask the same question – “where the fuck have these guys been and why the fuck haven’t I heard this album before?”










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