WHITE WITCH was an American Hard Rock/Glam Rock/Psychedelic band from Tampa, Florida that made two albums for Capricorn Records in the early 1970s.

Their self-titled debut album was released in 1972, and to support the record the band toured extensively, opening for established acts like ALICE COOPER and GRAND FUNK RAILROAD.

The band's second album, "A Spiritual Greeting", was released in 1974, featuring a new rhythm section of former CACTUS Bassist Charlie Souza and ex-BACCHUS Drummer Bill Peterson.

However, due to frustrations with their label's lack of promotion and its interference in the band's recording sessions, a further major line up reshuffle in 1975 found singer Ron Goedert as the band's sole remaining member.

Undeterred, Goedert recruited a new line up which included hotshot guitarist Jerry Runyan, former CHESSMEN duo, bassist Riff West and his brother Jack West on drums.

Initially, the new band renamed themselves STAR CHILD, but reverted to the White Witch name in 1976.

Following the recording of a 1977 four song demo tape, the band were signed to a record deal with Polydor Records the following year, and began recording a new studio album.

Intended to be the 3rd White Witch LP, Polydor executives eventually decided they would not use the White Witch name after discovering it was still owned by Capricorn Records.

The album, entitled "Breaking All The Rules", was released in 1979 under RON GOEDERT's name as if it were a solo release, much to the annoyance of the band.

The group toured heavily following the album's release, supporting MOUNTAIN, ZZ TOP, BLACK OAK ARKANSAS, EDGAR WINTER, HOT TUNA, IRON BUTTERFLY and THE JOE PERRY PROJECT.

At the end of the touring cycle the band were dropped by Polydor, finally splitting up after Riff West accepted the vacant bass position in MOLLY HATCHET.

West played on 3 studio albums with Molly Hatchet and the live "Double Trouble" set, remaining with the group until the original band's final show in 1990.

He then played with FOGHAT for several years, before forming DADDY-OH and was also a member of THE DIXIE JAM BAND.

His most recent musical venture is GATOR COUNTRY, a band which features several of the original members of Molly Hatchet and Paul "Tonka" Chapman of LONE STAR, UFO & WAYSTED fame.

Guitarist Jerry Runyan continues to make music. Having previously recorded with CALABAN'S FACE, he released a solo album entitled "The Forest Suite" in 2009, before his band MUCKFIRE released their debut album "My Life Belongs" in 2010.

The original White Witch members began planning a reunion in the late 1990's but this became impossible after lead singer Ron Goedert was diagnosed with cancer.

Unfortunately, Goedert passed away from the disease on July 16th 2000.

The band's original keyboard player Hardin "Buddy" Pendergrass has since also succumbed to cancer, on March 16th 2003.

Bassist Riff West has also departed, unexpectedly dying in late 2014 from complications caused by injuries he had sustained in a car accident the previous year.