The new face of Rock 'N' Roll.

When you first hear Cherry Grind it rekindles in you all those feelings and memories about all that ever first attracted you to rock music in the first place. There’s just something so primal and elemental about their music that can’t be adequately described by clichés or tags or labels. - Mark Diggins, The Rockpit


Breaking the mould since 2012, four-piece Cherry Grind are a hard rock band writing truly original, modern music with a distinct groove. Their song writing is imaginative and fresh, exhibiting scope that belies their years, with each member contributing equally to their huge sound. The reintroduction of vocal harmonies into a hard rock setting has been long overdue and adds to the depth of their sound. Combine that with bone rattling riffs and an unrelenting groove and you have a band with a lot to offer. Cherry Grind enjoy what they do and it shows. Their raucous energy onstage is fuelled directly by the music which is heavy but soulful. Though they’re in their early 20s, between them they have the combined experience of 40 years playing pubs and clubs in various successful bands, refining their individual strengths.


Lead singer Sam Patsouris is the ideal front man for the outfit with his commanding presence and friendly demeanour onstage, he invites the crowd in. Lead guitarist Jack Stevenson's dynamic playing confidently leads the band through many landscapes, weaving and cavorting with Sam's melodies. Peter Cerlienco's robust basslines are the key to the band's huge sound, providing an expert low-end counterpoint to Jack and Sam’s explorations. Zach West is the glue that holds the outfit together, directing and driving the music, holding the groove and maintaining the pulse. Together they have chemistry on stage that is usually exuded by seasoned professionals.


Europe edition will figure as a bonus track, Tin Soldier (Small Faces) written by Ronnie Lane & Steve Marriott !


Cherry Grind: The new face of Rock 'N' Roll.


Cherry Grind's debut album A Room With A View is the product of three years of writing and the culmination of ten years of doing the hard yards playing in Australia's infamous pub scene. This band is the new face of Rock 'N' Roll and alongside producer Bob Daisley (Blizzard of Ozz, Rainbow, Black Sabbath) Cherry Grind have created a truly original album for the modern audience.


The view from this room is one of colour and volume, this is a soundtrack suited to any environment; driving, walking home, bedroom listening, lights-out horizontal listening, headphones, parties. The sound is dark but full, with every corner of the stereo spectrum being used to its full potential. The songs take you on a journey with relatable themes and catchy choruses while conveying an underlying sense of urgency and movement. The mojo dips and weaves from one track to the next as the music evokes emotional responses that will vary from listener to listener but are guaranteed to make an impact.

Very familiar but unique. This album should speak to a whole host of tastes and backgrounds




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