It all began with a Rock outfit called “Funky Junction”. They were a very popular rock band and they toured Holland and Scandinavia on the pub circuit despite the fact Tony and Davy were only eighteen and seventeen respectively. The band came to an end but the future members of GLYDER, Tony, Bat and Davy kept together looking for further horizons,

In the meantime Bat had made a good friend in Irish Blues rock guitarist Aimon (Samuel Eddy). Aimon paired them off with Greg Barnes and Texan Blues man Widgeon Holland for a one night only tribute gig to Phil Lynott in Dublin. Aimon saw potential in the Rhythm section of this one off band “Trouble Boys”

A few weeks later the trio where under contract with Aimon’s new management company “True Talent Management”. The played around with the idea of a three piece but the boys all knew the sound they where creating was strictly a four piece. It was at this stage that Tony and Davy remembered a guy they went to school with and a few jams later, 19 Year old Guitarist Pete Fisher became the fourth member of the band.

The lads then recorded their first single – Lucky Strike with Robbie Sexton in Ashtown Studios, Dublin. They had not definitely decided on a name yet, but Aimon suggested Hollywood and as time was tight, the single was released under that name. The single got the thumbs up from Hot Press magazine, gained national radio play and awareness and got the attention of the Irish Music Industry.

The following months were spent gigging around Ireland, writing and recording. The band made their first national TV appearance in November and by December had shot their debut Video. At this stage the band was like a machine, nothing was stopping it. Blistering performances were followed by rapturous receptions and the undeniable quality of the band was evident to everybody who had the pleasure of witnessing them.

In January the band got news that they would have the opening slot on the Thin Lizzy Irish Tour. There were over ten songs recorded for the forthcoming album and the band decided to use some of the recorded material to put out an EP for the Lizzy tour. Still under the name Hollywood the lads played a stormer every night gaining the respect of the crowds and Thin Lizzy alike. The CD’s and T shirts sold like Hot cakes.

The biggest triumph was still yet to come. In March Aimon approached legendary rock producer Chris Tsangarides with the bands EP and a fifteen minute film documenting the bands first year together. He absolutely loved it and agreed to Produce the debut album. In the meantime the band had also attracted the attention of Total Rock DJ and Classic rock journalist Jerry Ewing. At this stage the band decided to Change their name to GLYDER.

The dye was cast and word is hot on the streets that a serious Irish Rock band is about to emerge and explode onto the World Rock scene!

GLYDER’S debut album is recorded and in the mixing stages until end of July
Check site for details of Label, album release date and tour dates.




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