Smuggling, beat downs, streetwalking, dives of all dangers … A dark universe where fantasies come true. After the Hunter’s hit, mysterious words appear on a crumbling wall: « NOTHING BESIDE REMAINS »…
The band DEADLINE hits the scene in 2009 and releases its first EP « Heading West » in 2012 engineered by US multi-platinum producer Beau Hill (Ratt, Twisted Sister, Europe, Winger…).The smash single « Dance with Style » storms the web and several FM radios.
The first full-length album « Fire Inside » follows up in 2014 (Bad Reputation label). Full of powerful, sexy vibes and of 70s/80s flavors, it turns the hard rock world upside down. «Fire inside» blends all the influences of the musicians (Led Zeppelin, Scorpions, Whitesnake…) and defines the DEADLINE’s sound. Arnaud Restoueix (lead singer) brings the final touch with his unique voice, borrowing mainly from bluesy hard rock singers such as Robert Plant and David Coverdale as well as from heavier rock singers like Ronnie James Dio.
Following the release, the DEADLINERS work on gaining live experience, playing festivals such as the Raismes Fest with Gotthard and Quireboys and various gigs with Shakra, Sideburn, Black Aces and Voodoo Vegas.
Chris Gatter (ex Maciste) joins the band in 2017. More bonded than ever, the DEADLINERS free themselves from their influences developing a more modern and catchier hard rock.
In 2018, DEADLINE is back with its new album « Nothing Beside Remains », mixed by Thierry Velly (TOTEM Studio) and mastered by Brett Calda Lima (Devin Townsend, Megadeath, Manigance…).
From « Devil’s in the details » to « Sleepless Nights », each song tells a story, sometimes dark as a crime tale or sometimes offbeat. From the fight against the outside world to one’s intimate and obsessive inner struggle, score-settling is at the heart of the plot.
The band’s inspiration comes from daily life as well from fictional characters always on a knife-edge (Mickey Donovan from the Ray Donovan show is revisited in « Natural Born Pimp »).
The DEADLINERS have fun by inviting artist CJ from the Canadian punk rock band CJ SLEEZ on the intro track « Angry Destiny ». They play with the scary Scorsese-like character of the song « The Hunter » (« Fire Inside » track) by reviving him on « Man on a Mission ».
Moved by November 13, 2015 terror attacks in Paris, the band pays tribute to the Bataclan victims with the solemn and epic « Silent Tears ».
The five DEADLINERS are back with a new album packed with rocking attitude, in-your-face riffs and a wide range of atmospheres.
Get ready for a heavy metal « score-settling »!



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