"Hydrogyn is going to be big, very big..." – Michael Wagener, Producer (Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row, Alice Cooper) IN THE BEGINNING… In January 2004, West Virginia guitarists Jeff Westlake and Jeff Boggs began work on a new experiment – a compelling modern heavy rock tour de force like no other on the scene – an outfit designed to destroy musical and industry barriers. Jeff Westlake on the blueprints behind HYDROGYN, “We wanted something a broad audience could love but also be something special. Something that stood out." Fortified with cutting edge riffs, intelligent lyrics and massive hooks delivered by Julie (just “Julie”), a stunning front lady with a multi-octave range, the result is a formula set to conquer everything from Alternative Rock to Modern Hard Rock to Timeless Metal without sacrificing credibility. HYDROGYN is built to explode.

2010 saw the experiment with Jeff Young (ex Megadeth) entering the band. After 5 months of trying to get the cog to work with Young the trial period ended. With Young out of the band in July of 2010 the band finished up Judgement. Judgement released in October of 2010 to hitting the top Heat Seeker charts at #10.

Shortly after the release Julie fell ill and was unable to tour to support the cd. This was to go on until June of 2011 when she was finally cleared medically to resume her rocking ways.

Even with the success of Judgement the Julie was not happy with the direction of the release and wanted a hookier more groove laden product.  After approaching Jeff Westlake about the next release and what she wanted from it the two settled down into writing.


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