Third volume devoted to Aussie Rock from the 60's till now


Track Listing:

1. Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs Rock N Roll City

2. Stevie Wright Evie Part 1 (Let Your Hair Hang Down)

3. Dirt River Radio Hard Road

4. Wayne Jury Live It Up

5. The Deep End No Time To Rest

6. Black Label Dirty Little Bitch

7. The Beasts of Bourbon I Don’t Care Abouth Nothing Anymore

8. Dave Evans and Nitzinger Going Back To Texas»

9. Hotcakes If Only These Arms Could Hold You (J.J Rio)

10. Flash and The Pan Money Don’t Lie

11.SkyhookS Women In Uniform

12. Shadowqueen Don’t Tell

13. The Poor Anna’s Old Man

14. The Missing Links Shakin’ All Over

15. The Radiators Gimme Head

16. The Lynx Dear me

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