Finally the fourth album of the Swedish guys in the uninhibited look and in the distinguished élégance ! Posted in the corner of the famous mythical crossroads, Emil and his Ecstatics breaks the Scandinavian blues by bringing it new breath and suffers burning. The devastating Blues, the mixture of conventional and of daring risks, explodes thanks to their talent. This plucking of pleasure slides during 8 new titles of the record ! This opus is excellent. It is filled of exciting compositions (signed Emil Arvidsson), oozes from the harmony completed between musicians' loads, shakes the sounds of a subtle play of the most interesting, and offers itself a beautiful bunch of blues. The pallet is colored and wide, of the light breeze of a soul blue-eyed in steams English of 60, the trip delta blues in the revival Chicago, from Lousiane to West Coast, these Scandinavians terribly know well how to seize the main part and the spirit of the roots musics. Their translations ' revival ' always have something successful, with a sense of the authenticity and the taste of the excellence. The formation is completed and has this sense of the modern blues which few others know maybe how to make cross in work them, a respect for the tradition as the art to update it, the sound as the singing, and with the claim to do well and of the good make it. Emil is an excellent guitarist (we note the shadows of Robert Cray, Albert King or Roy Buchanan) there, to the effective technique, to the supple set,play, doubled by a clear and well placed voice, an undeniable talent! His blues knows how to make soft as lively, rough or tinged with a silky soul. His companions have nothing to blame themselves, quite the opposite, and double brilliance, the instinctive rhythm section, adorned with a magnificent groove, up to the organ itself, which affects the celestial notes of a Brian Auger. That plays, that snores well, that swings, it is good for the blues. And suddenly a touch of madness in this blues drawn from the source, the shoot in the overtaking and in the ecstasy! It is enough to listen to the eponym title Rise Again, to magnificent ballad of five minutes, very fascinating I' m Leavin You and Gary Clark's very modern version, The Healing to meet the drunkenness of the depths of the Blues



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