A great story of friendship, that is what best characterizes this Parisian quartet. Created in 1999, after having played Live in famous Parisian venues as Guests for Great White, Mike Tramp, Koritni, Eric Mc Fadden, etc... the Band is back with this new album “Aveugle & Sourd” ("Blind & Deaf") composed of 11 songs full of Power Pop well muscular and neat arrangements. Stef Reb (who also sings in Ocean) transports us to his universe where everyday stories and more poetic texts come together ... TR3NTE offers a Bonus duet with Danny Vaughn (singer of Tyketto), who rubs for the first time in his career in the language of Molière ...

More personal and 100% uninhibited, this new album flirts with “traditional” Classic rock (Gun, Cheap Trick or Springsteen style). While drawing inspiration from more personal arrangements including percussion, accordions and trumpets, this new album reflects more than ever the personality of the 4 boys! TyVy on guitars, pilot of the TOTEM STUDIO in which the album was produced, chisels his riffs and powerful themes; Newcomer William (but a 30 years friend) unrolls a solid and airy bass carpet which he occasionally transforms on live with a cello; Fab (Deadline, Square, Mc Fadden ...) distills both heavy and vitamin-filled pulses in each track; finally Stef (Ocean) comes to tell with his sensitivity 11 personal stories ...
TR3NTE was not “born from the last rain”, never got through the way it should, never gave up, always played for fun, has always delighted its audience by offering highly energetic electric and acoustic shows ... So what more can you expect from a group of friends who, rocked to the sound of Classic Rock 70/80, of the NWOBHM , Bon Jovi, Kiss, Riot, Aston Villa, Daran or Chris Whitley, owes its survival to the loyalty of 4 guys who follow their Teenagers dream by keeping their feet on the ground. Since high school, the boys have constantly improved their writing, their outlook on their songs.
TR3NTE remains faithful to what it is: a simple Band, capable of holding a stage and an audience as it should, and above all of sharing with the public authentic songs from 3 other albums: "Tout Quitter", "Trente”, “Vu du Ciel” produced by Mike Stewart (Calvin Russel, Marynka).
New Album "Aveugle & Sourd" unveils the multiple facets of the group, combining songs, power-pop sung in French and more intimate walks. No musical taboos or genre limits, only the song counts.
Bad Reputation once again trusted the Band by allowing them to release this new album of 11 songs.
Take a moment, in these uncertain times, to listen to "Aveugle & Sourd", to wander through the titles for a journey that is old-fashioned for some and timeless for others.


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