Raymond Ray Walter Arnott is an Australian rock drummer singer-songwriter. He was one of the most prominent musicians in Australian Rock in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

We may find early works of Ray Arnott with  both bands South Town Mods and The Chelsea Set. Early in 1970, Ray Arnott  joined Cam-Pact, an Australian Soul and psychedelic pop band,  and replaced Trevor Courtney on drums. Till March 1970, a three piece line-up (Arnott, Edwards and Smith) continued the band till it formed Company Caine with Gulliver Smith and Jeremy Noone. He replaced original drummer Mark Kennedy in the renowned  Aussie band, Spectrum. (1970-1973). After left Spectrum, he joined Mighty Kong, a new band formed by ex-Daddy Cool members Ross Wilson and Ross Hannaford. They recorded just one LP in late 1973 and broke up soon after. Ray Arnott played drums on Mission Magic (1974) with Rick Springfield and then joined The Dingoes replacing John Lee on drums and released The Dingoes in June 1974. Just prior to leaving for a US Tour along Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ray Arnott quit the group by « mutual agreement ». Ray Arnott joined Renée Geyer and toured with her while Chrissie and Lyndsay Hammond (formers of future Cheetah) backing her. In 1978, he joined Flash and The Pan. First album was issued in December 1978 on Albert Productions. Aside from Vanda and Young, the studio musicians included Ray Arnott on drums, Les Karski on bass guitar and Warren Morgan on piano.

Arnott was signed by Vanda & Young to Alberts for a recording contract; Karski produced Arnott's solo debut album, Rude Dudes (1979), as well as providing bass guitar.  In his unique LP, we found  Jimmy Barnes, Angus & Malcolm Young and Peter Wells as guest musicians ! The Ray Arnott Band, which included both Karski and Morgan, toured to support the album.

For the Flash and the Pan's second studio album,Lights In The Night, Vanda and Young again used Arnott, Karski and Morgan.

In April 1982, Ray Arnott was chosen by Cheetah as session musician for the recording of Rock and Roll Women

In 1983, Ray Arnott joined Cold Chisel and recorded  the album Twentieth Century, excepted three songs played by Steve Prestwich.

After Cold Chisel Farewell Tour, Jimmy Barnes took on Arnott for his two first releases, Bodyswerve (1984) & For The Working Class Man (1985)

Ray Arnott is the composer and author of the song Flaming Heart, recorded by Stephen Stills in his album Right by You (1984)

The same year , Ray Arnott recorded for Albert Productions, RAG where we found the original version of Flaming Heart




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